UntuckIt New Orleans

The clever and ingenious brand Untuckit has finally made its way down to New Orleans and it’s going to make us all look good. Btw, I hate tucking my shirt in!

Untuckit — 3943 Magazine St, New Orleans, LA 70115

Untuckit — 3943 Magazine St, New Orleans, LA 70115

Man, getting older is real y’all. Earlier this year, I found out the hard way that as I age, taking care of myself and making the right decisions for me is paramount. As I slowly dip I not my 40’s, the New Orleans life quickly caught up with. This summer it bit me in the ass and truly helped me reshape my entire approach. I’ll spare the details, but I needed to make a change and began to get healthy. Now 30+ pounds down and continually losing, I began to feel myself.

For years I live in hoodies (even in the summer) covered myself up like most people do. About a month ago, Well known men’s brand UNTUCKit had always been on radar, especially with their slogan “THE IDEAL SHIRT FOR THE UNTUCKED MAN.” I had always struggled with dress/casual shirts fitting just right and it finally clicked with me when I noticed out of the blue that they opened their newest location right here in New Orleans, on Magazine Street (3943 Magazine St). The NOLA location, as I found out from the fantastic store staff, that our own Drew Brees loves the brand so much he’s a Partner.

“It’s a straightforward look that’s often done too little justice. So we came up with a solution – a shirt that’s designed to fall at the perfect length every time. A design fit for comfort, not convention.” — UNTUCKit

UNTUCKit offers a super wide range of dress and casual shirts, polos, jackets, shoes, basically everything you would need from head to tow. They have recently added women’s and boy’s selections as well which truly solidifies the brand as a great option for the whole family.

What truly, truly, hit home for me was their “Every Body Welcome” campaign. Not only a clever play on words, but an ethos. Their offerings do not leave any human behind.

The Nola team absolutely made me feel welcome and helped me find exactly the styles that looked great on me and above all, made me feel great. I was absolutely feeling great about myself and the path I’m on.

The old and worn out hoodies will hang in the closet for a long time, because the “RIVERA Performance Full Zip Hoodie” is my go to casual everyday jacket. On the right are two of the best fitting shirts I’ve ever worn in their “WRINKLE FREE PERFORMANCE” shirts. I wore it last weekend during the sweat and stroll Art for Art’s Sake and the technical wicking fabric made all the difference. They are the best fitting dress shirts I’ve ever worn.

Their products are truly, Every Body Welcome.